The Urban Visual Film "This is Jieyang" Has Been Launched!




is located in the southeast of Guangdong province


At the geographic center between Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao Greater Bay Area and the Economic Zone on the West Side of the Straits


It has history of more than 2200 years


Total land area of 5,240 square kilometers


Total sea area of 9,300 square kilometers


With registered population of 7.12 million


It is known as the Water City of Lingnan and the Confucian Town of Seashore



In 1991, Jieyang was established to be a prefecture-level city


Rongcheng district, Jiedong district, Jiexi county, Huilai county and Puning city are under its jurisdiction


It has built up Jieyang Industrial Park, Airport Economic Zone, Da Nanhai Petrochemical Industrial Zone, East Guangdong New Town and other functional economic zones


It is the prefecture-level with largest area and highest population in eastern Guangdong province


Guangdong provincial party committee has defined Jieyang’s development goal as an ancient city of vitality and a coastal city suitable for living, employment and tourism, as well as a power city of industries on the coastal economic belt


This film will demonstrate Jieyang’s development goal into three chapters:



Over 2200 years history


Created unique cultural characteristics of Jieyang


Ancient City of Vitality




Magnificent roof ridges and suspending rafters


Red tiles and green eaves, carved beams and painted pillars



The city is full of footprints of old time


and ancient architectures


It is becoming the carrier of culture heritage


Ancient City of Vitality




Xingcaiqiao, lion dance, heroic dance


Qiaolin dragon fireworks, phoenix flags, Da Changlong festival lantern


Inside these unique, traditional culture events


Showing the love and yearning of Jieyang people for pursuing better lives



Ancient City of Vitality




Red peach, Puning dried tofu, Longjiang pork feet rice


Beef hot pot, Jiexi grinding tea, sweet green onion pancake


Are famous cuisines of Jieyang


Cuisines are the daily life of common people


Coastal City


Jieyang’s development


was born because of water, flourishing because of mountains, blooming because of the sea


In Chaoshan region,


Jieyang is the largest prefecture-level city with highest population


Jieyang has well-developed land, sea and air transportation systems


And coastline of 136.9 kilometer


This coastal city is rising up


It is time for urban upgrading


Relying on CNPC’s Guangdong Petrochemical Refined Project


and Shenquan offshore wind power plants and other major construction projects


Between mountain and sea, between ancient and modern


Jieyang has found a high-quality development direction


To better achieve the harmony development of the marine economy and the terrestrial economy


To construct a coastal city backbone with modern industrial system


Power City of Industries


Rich coastal resources


Unique cultural and historical backgrounds


Favorable geographic and traffic conditions


Jieyang has become


A thriving fertile land for development


Since its establishment,


Relying on its own resource and existing industrial infrastructure


Jieyang has established metallurgy, textile & garment, shoes making


Jadeware, agriculture and other strong strength industries


Received countless honorable titles:


China’s Hardware City, China’s Textile Industry City


Chinese Capital of Fashionable Plastic Shoes, Asian Capital of Jade


The Hometown of Chinese Green Plum, the Hometown of Chinese Bamboo Sprout...


Modern agriculture industry, cultural tourism industry


Advanced manufacturing, modern service industry are marching forward


Let this ancient city


burst out new vigour like never before


Source: Jieyang Daily