People are diligent and spring comes early.The first line of construction is busy.The progress of building Jieyang Huilai Cold Chain Logistics Center is smooth


Recently, at the construction site of Jieyang Huilai Cold Chain Logistics Center in Lingang Industrial Park of Huilai County, the journalist saw the engineering transport vehicles being shuttling back and forth, the roaring machinery, and the busy figure of workers everywhere. The whole project was in progress.


Based on the interview, it’s known that the planned land area of Jieyang Huilai Cold Chain Logistics Center project is about 100 acres, with an estimated total investment of about 0.275 billion yuan and commitment to building a regional cold chain logistics center for agricultural products in eastern Guangdong. After the project reaches production target, it is expected to achieve an annual warehousing income of more than 0.1 billion yuan, a transaction of agricultural (fishery) products of more than 3 billion yuan, and an annual tax payment of about 9 million yuan, which is of great significance to help farmers increase production and income.


Source: He Chang Huilai