Meet Huilai! In 2022, China's "Huilai Wubao" (pre-made dishes) International Internet Festival + Cloud Exhibition is Coming

Every summer, blowing the sea breeze and tasting the "Xian" flavor is the romance of this small county town of Huilai. Huilai, located on the coast of eastern Guangdong, has beautiful mountains and seas, and has excellent ecology. It has nurtured a wide variety of agricultural products and seafood: delicious abalone, fat and glutinous pig feet, crispy fish balls, strong pineapple fragrance, and sweet lychee. "Huilai Five Bao" is well-known far and near, and it can be said to be the most delicious in the world.


In June, an umami event is about to start: the 2022 China "Huilai Wubao" (pre-made dishes) International Internet Festival + Cloud Exhibition will be held in Huilai County, Jieyang City, Guangdong Province. In recent years, Huilai has been based on Huilai's agricultural resources, insisted on playing the "four cards" of agricultural industry, market, technology and culture, continued to deepen the construction of the "12221" market system for agricultural products, and upgraded the "Internet Festival + Cloud Exhibition" model. We will vigorously develop the pre-prepared vegetable industry, gather more resources, link up with rural revitalization and agricultural museums to help consumers, and strive to create "1 top product" (abalone) + "4 top products" (pineapple, lychee, Longjiang pig's feet, fish balls) ) + "N Excellent Products" to comprehensively promote the strategy of rural revitalization and digital rural development.



"1+3+5" form

"Network Festival + Cloud Exhibition" continues to upgrade

Huilai County is the origin of the "Internet Festival + Cloud Exhibition". In June 2020, in order to solve the problem of difficult to sell agricultural products under the epidemic, Huilai actively explored new marketing of digital agriculture, and firstly held the "Abalone Internet Festival" and "Pineapple Internet Festival". , pioneered the "Internet Festival + Cloud Exhibition" model, which provides a "Huilai Model" that can be used for reference, replication and promotion for the establishment of the Guangdong Online Agricultural Products Fair.


In June 2021, Huilai will continue to promote the construction of the "12221" agricultural product market system for Guangdong agricultural products, accelerate the exploration of the "Internet Festival + Cloud Exhibition" model, and innovatively propose and successfully hold the 2021 China "Huilai Five Treasures" (abalone, pineapple, lychee, etc.). , Longjiang pig feet, fish balls) International Network Festival + Cloud Exhibition, with remarkable results.


Huilai five treasures are famous all over the world, colorful blessings are waiting for you

This year, Huilai County will launch the 2022 China "Huilai Five Treasures" (pre-made dishes) International Internet Festival + Cloud Exhibition series of activities, and continue to promote the "Internet Festival + Cloud Exhibition" of agricultural products in the form of "1+3+5" Innovation and upgrade. Hold 1 main event, namely the 2022 China "Huilai Wubao" (pre-made dishes) International Internet Festival + Cloud Exhibition; carry out 3 branch events, namely "Huilai Wubao" offline exhibition and online live broadcast hypermarket , South China University of Technology "Huilai Five Treasures" Exhibition and Sales Carnival; to create five online platforms for the "Huilai Five Treasures" cloud exhibition, namely the "Guangdong Agricultural Products "Guangdong Agricultural Products "Supply, Stable Price and Peace of Mind" digital platform, Guangdong International Trade Digital Expo Hall, Cloud Agricultural Fair, Huilai Digital Agriculture 5G Cloud Platform, "Land of Fish and Rice" platform.


The comprehensive upgrade of the event will create a never-ending "Huilai Five Treasures" cloud exhibition, and explore and upgrade the 3.0 version of Huilai Agricultural Products "Internet Festival + Cloud Exhibition".



A variety of new ways to play

The popularity of "on the cloud" continues

Huilai's digital agriculture construction has achieved remarkable results. In addition to holding Huilai Wubao Internet Festival + Cloud Exhibition, it also implemented e-commerce training for "ten towns, 100 villages and thousands of people", built "iTOE Huilai Wubao Cloud Exhibition Hall (International)", created Huilai Wubao Cloud Exhibition Hall (International), and created Huilai Wubao Cloud Exhibition Hall (International) Come and wait on the street on the cloud of agricultural products, and push Huilai agricultural products to the cloud.


This conference has more new online gameplays, and the popularity of "Cloud" continues: "Huilai Wubao" theme script control will be launched. It will be presented in a form and will be first released at the conference venue; South China University of Technology will build a "Huilai Five Treasures" punch-in area in the student activity square, and make a national style punch-in wall in front of the Rural Revitalization Hall, and invite large organizations such as Hanfu Club to punch in for photos and tastings. "Benefiting the Five Treasures".


Colleges and universities promote Huilai agricultural products

Guangdong agricultural products "guaranteed supply, stable price and peace of mind" digital platform, Guangdong International Trade Digital Expo, Yunshang Agricultural Fair, Huilai Digital Agriculture 5G cloud platform, and "Land of Fish and Rice" platform will focus on creating "Huilai Five Treasures" explosive products. The content of the online platform covers the display of "Huilai Wubao" products and pre-made dishes, Huilai's cultural style, and high-quality videos. It will also carry out limited-time spikes, red envelopes and other activities to match the sales rhythm and sales progress of Huilai agricultural special products. , plan online marketing and publicity activities according to the categories and activities of the platform, and attract the attention of buyers and users by providing traffic support.


The conference will also invite a group of Huilai celebrities, international overseas Chinese businessmen and food bloggers to serve as "Huilai Five Treasures" food connoisseurs. They will record short videos and spread them on multiple online platforms to start the "Huilai Five Treasures". "Brand, invite everyone to try it.



A series of offline exhibitions, let you experience on-site, immediately early adopters

In addition to online display and sales, "Huilai Wubao" will also conduct a series of offline exhibitions and sales activities. A special agricultural product display area will be set up on the site of the opening ceremony, and participants can come to the site and experience the true taste of the "Five Treasures of Huilai".


In addition, this event will also rely on the Consumer Assistance Wisdom Experience Hall jointly built by South China University of Technology and the Agricultural Bank of Guangdong Province to carry out the "Huilai Wubao" Rural Revitalization Exhibition and Sales Week at South China University of Technology. It is reported that the experience center focuses on "rural revitalization achievement display", "supporting the exhibition and sales of counterpart agricultural products", and assisting and supporting college students' public welfare entrepreneurship as the core content. There is also a cultural and creative product exhibition stand, a student live broadcast area and a broadcast product introduction area, which fully demonstrates the "Chinese Workers Program" of the rural assistance model.


The Consumer Poverty Alleviation Pavilion opens

The series of activities of the conference also include the 2022 Huilai lychee buyer's origin tour and the on-site observation and tasting meeting of new late-ripening lychee varieties. At that time, Huilai will invite representatives from wholesale markets, supermarket chains, e-commerce platforms, and experts related to the national lychee and longan industry technology system to enter Huilai Litchi Base. While introducing high-quality purchaser resources to promote the precise connection between production and sales, the promotion of The new variety of lychee will promote the high-quality development of Huilai's lychee industry.


From the single-product Huilai abalone and pineapple cloud exhibition to the multi-product "Huilai Wubao" cloud exhibition; from seasonal agricultural products to the 365-day digital exhibition hall that never ends, Huilai uses online platforms and offline means Continuously expand the sales channels of Huilai agricultural special products, so that "Huilai Wubao" can create higher value in the global industrial chain, and truly realize "Huilai Wubao famous in the world".


In July, see you at the 2022 China "Huilai Wubao" (pre-made dishes) International Internet Festival + Cloud Exhibition!


Article reprinted from: 南方农村报