[Ecological protection] Huilai County has achieved remarkable results in the comprehensive implementation of the river chief system

The green and clear river flows slowly, and occasionally a group of egrets pass over the water surface; the weeping willows and blooming flowers on the banks and the high-rise buildings on the banks are reflected in the water... In early summer, I roam the Longjiang River in Huilai County. On both sides of the strait, an ecological picture of smooth rivers, clear water, green shores, beautiful scenery, and people is slowly unfolding in front of tourists.

The water is clear and the shore is beautiful. This is the most intuitive portrayal of the full implementation of the river chief system in Huilai County. Since last year, Huilai County has attached great importance to the work of the river chief system, and has deeply implemented the development concept of "lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets", focusing on the full implementation of the river chief system, the implementation of the strictest water resources management system and the implementation of water pollution prevention and control actions. , actively carry out various works of water management and water protection, the appearance of rivers and lakes in the county has continued to improve, and the river and lake water environment with "smooth rivers, clear water, green shores, beautiful scenery, and people" has been accelerated, and the people's sense of gain and happiness is constantly being formed. enhanced.



Consolidate responsibility and improve water control system

The key to implementing the "River Chief System" lies in responsibility. Huilai County puts the consolidation of the grass-roots foundation of the river chief system at the top of the list, and constantly weaves the responsibility network of the river chief system, and comprehensively promotes the transformation of the river chief system from "famous and real" to "powerful and effective".

The county has established and improved a three-level river chief system at county, town and village levels to achieve full coverage of rivers within its jurisdiction. Since last year, according to the work requirements of the Provincial River Chief Office, the county has updated the 408 river chief system public signs in the county, and strengthened daily management and maintenance to ensure the river chief responsibilities, river and lake overview, management and protection goals, and supervision in the public signs. Phone and other elements are complete.


In accordance with the requirements of the provincial and municipal river chiefs' offices, the county has specially formulated a river patrol plan based on Huilai's actual situation to ensure that the county-level chief river chief, deputy chief river chief, and county-level river chiefs patrol the river no less than once a month. The county river chief office actively cooperated with the training work of the provincial and municipal river chief offices, and organized town-level and village-level participation in the training on the use of the "Guangdong Smart River Chief" enterprise WeChat platform. At the same time, the county river chief office also organized the town river chief office to carry out special training on the river chief system according to the work tasks assigned by the city river chief office, and gradually increased the utilization rate of the "Guangdong Smart River Chief" platform at the town level, so that the "Internet + River Chief System" "It really comes down to it.



Strengthen supervision and maintain good water quality

Water is the source of life, the essential of production, and the foundation of ecology. In recent years, Huilai County, in accordance with the overall requirements of implementing the strictest water resources management system, has established an administrative head responsibility system with the most stringent water resources management system under the overall responsibility of the main responsible person of the government and a working mechanism involving the participation of various departments. Focusing on the comprehensive implementation of the "three red lines" and the improvement of the "four systems" in water resources management, gradually improve various aspects of water resources demonstration, water drawing permit and supervision and management, water resource fee collection and use management, and important drinking water source management and protection. In this work, important progress has been made in the protection of water sources, the security of water use has been strengthened, the water quality of major rivers and reservoirs has been maintained well for a long time, and the clear water surrounding the city and the blue water flowing into the lake have been reproduced.


At the same time, in order to severely crack down on water violations within the scope of river and lake management in accordance with the law, and effectively maintain the ecological environment safety and social security stability in the county, Huilai County has also established three levels of river and lake sheriffs, clarifying the responsibilities of the sheriffs at all levels. And set up a leading group and office for the police system of rivers and lakes, implement various special measures, and severely crack down on water pollution, illegal fishing, illegal mining, smuggling, smuggling, water traffic accidents, damage to water conservancy facilities such as river embankments, and water-related blackmail. Evil and other illegal and criminal acts provide a solid guarantee for maintaining the healthy life of rivers and lakes and realizing the sustainable utilization of rivers and lakes.


Participation of the whole people, cohesion and synergy

Comprehensive water control is not only "government governance", but also "people's protection". Since last year, Huilai County has actively explored the "civil river chief" system on the basis of party and government leaders at all levels serving as river chiefs at all levels, while strengthening publicity and guidance, turning the public from bystanders to participants and supervisors of river governance. In the past, a few people managed the river, protected the river, patrolled the river, and managed the river to the majority of people managed the river, protected the river, patrolled the river, and managed the river, forming a pattern of joint management.

In order to create a good atmosphere of "water control by all people", Huilai County has made full use of traditional media and new media to strengthen the propaganda of the county's river chief system work according to the actual situation; The county TV station conducts reincarnation broadcasts; publicizes laws and regulations on water conservation to enterprises to ensure that pollutants are discharged up to standard; uses hanging, posting propaganda slogans and other forms to publicize and guide the masses to develop healthy and environmentally friendly living habits.



The Tuan Huilai County Party Committee actively guided the youths in the county to carry out the volunteer service activity of "Striving to Be a River Xiaoqing", and continued to help the in-depth development of the Huilai River Chief System. Tuan Huilai County Party Committee established a "He Xiaoqing" volunteer service team system with "one town (field) and one volunteer service team", established a working mechanism of centralized action once a month and normalized service at ordinary times. Focusing on the theme of "Protection of the Mother River Action", we will carry out three major volunteer service activities: river patrol and river protection, rural (community) water resources management, and water resources protection publicity and education, and establish and improve volunteers to participate in water resources and river and lake management and protection. The long-term mechanism will mobilize the young people in the county to strive to be the "He Xiaoqing" in the construction of ecological civilization and the construction of beautiful villages. At the same time, the Tuanhuilai County Party Committee also actively carried out the professional training of "He Xiaoqing" volunteer service, and effectively promoted the institutionalization and standardization of the volunteer service of the river chief system.


Article content reprinted source:揭阳日报