Fang Lixu, chairman of the Guangdong Council for the Promotion of International Trade, led a team to Jinghai Town, Huilai County to investigate the rural revitalization work

Recently, the Guangdong Council for the Promotion of International Trade held a work symposium at the Jinghai Town Government, Huilai County, Jieyang City, Guangdong Province, and exchanged views on promoting the rural revitalization of Jinghai Town with high standards and high quality. The participants introduced the economic and social development of the county and town in recent years, and made key reports on Jinghai Town's location advantages, industrial characteristics, next-step development plans and industrial blueprints.



At the meeting, Fang Lixu, chairman of the Guangdong Provincial Council for the Promotion of International Trade, said that the council will earnestly fulfill its assistance responsibilities in accordance with the deployment requirements of the provincial party committee, and gather the power of the plenary session to help Jinghai Town embark on a road of industrial revitalization and build this treasure land of Jinghai. Be a shining, eye-catching place. Fang Lixu pointed out that it is necessary to take the land and space development plans of Jieyang City and Huilai County and the industrial development plan of Jinghai Town as the basis and premise, focus on the concept of "sea", base on the advantages of Jinghai's traditional industries, highlight the cultural tourism industry, and seriously Do a good job in the rural revitalization plan of Jinghai Town.


After the meeting, Fang Lixu and his party conducted on-the-spot investigation on the infrastructure and industrial development of Dongguang Village, Houhu Village, Jiucuo Village and Houwang Village in Jinghai Town.


Article content reprinted source:广东省贸促会