Jieyang representative of the 13th Provincial Party Congress: Implement the spirit of the conference and promote the high-quality development of Jieyang

The representatives of the Jieyang delegation who attended the 13th Provincial Party Congress returned to Jieyang with full political enthusiasm to complete the agenda of the meeting. Encouraged by the blueprint drawn by the Provincial Party Congress report, the representatives talked about their experiences and experiences based on the actual work. He expressed the need to earnestly implement the spirit of the conference, be based on his own post, play a pioneering and exemplary role, and do his best to contribute to promoting the high-quality development of Jieyang.

The 13th Provincial Party Congress proposed to "strengthen the layout of landmark, controllable and backbone major projects, and support the construction of Jieyang Dananhai Petrochemical Industrial Zone", "bigger and stronger Lingang heavy chemical industry, marine engineering equipment, marine fishery, etc." The delegates were greatly encouraged by content such as “Essential Industries” and “Strengthen (Guangdong) New Growth Pole of the East and West Wings and Make the East and West Wings Dance Stronger”.



1、Cai Danqun - Representative of the 13th Party Congress of Guangdong Province, Member of the Standing Committee of the Jieyang Municipal Committee, Deputy Mayor, Secretary of the Huilai County Party Committee:

We adhere to the development idea of ​​(relying on) resources for industry (using) market for technology. For example, in Huilai County, our Da Nanhai Petrochemical Industrial Park (CNPC project) is expected to be fully put into operation by November this year, which will bring us Come to an industry scale of hundreds of billions.

The delegates believe that with the strong support of the provincial party committee and the provincial government, relying on major industrial projects such as PetroChina Guangdong Petrochemical Refining Integration, offshore wind power, etc., the city is just around the corner to build a strong industrial city on the coastal economic belt. Everyone said that they will take the lead in setting an example, and take learning, publicity, and implementation of the spirit of the Provincial Party Congress as an important political task.

2、Huang Xiaoshuo—Party representative of the Jieyang delegation of the 13th Provincial Party Congress and employee of the Comprehensive Service Center of Jieyang High-tech Industrial Development Zone:

After returning to work, he conveyed the spirit of the provincial party congress to the grassroots as soon as possible, carried forward the reform spirit of Guangdong people who dared to try and be the first, and maintained the practical character of hard work and ability, and devoted himself to the three In the work of optimizing the government affairs environment, he devoted himself to the investment promotion work of Jieyang High-tech Zone, and made due contributions to Jieyang's efforts to create a national-level high-tech zone and to speed up the building of a strong industrial city.

The report of the provincial party congress proposed to comprehensively promote the rural revitalization strategy, accelerate the modernization of agriculture and rural areas, and resolutely defend the two red lines of food security and arable land. The agricultural science and technology workers from the grass-roots level were greatly encouraged and inspired, and expressed that they would contribute to the strengthening of agriculture, the beauty of rural areas, and the prosperity of farmers.



3、Feng Shunhong—Party Representative of Jieyang Delegation of the 13th Provincial Party Congress, Deputy Director of Puning Agricultural Research Institute:

I will be a good propagandist, go deep into the countryside to publicize and convey the spirit of the party congress, so that the majority of farmers have firm confidence to follow the party, roll up their sleeves and work hard. At the same time, the spirit of the meeting will be implemented into practical work, and high-quality sweet potato varieties will continue to be studied and cultivated, so that the majority of growers can get real money.

The report of the Provincial Party Congress put forward "to actively develop health undertakings and promote the construction of high-level hospitals". Medical and health workers from the grassroots and front-line said that the spirit of the provincial party congress should be thoroughly implemented in every link of the work, and a solid wall of epidemic prevention and control should be built. It is necessary to build a local medical highland and go all out to protect the safety and health of the villagers.


4、Huang Miaoshan—Party Representative of Jieyang Delegation of the 13th Provincial Party Congress, Vice President of Puning People’s Hospital:

We will take the patient as the center, protect the oath of the doctor's benevolence, never forget the original mission, act bravely, act well, respect life, protect health, actively improve various professional skills, build a medical highland, and prevent local elders and villagers from getting seriously ill in the county , feel that life and health are guarded at all times, feel safer and happier. Give full play to the spirit of the party congress, maintain the practical character of hard work, ability and good work, be willing to be a young ox, a pioneer ox, and an old ox, do not need to slap the whip, work hard, be careful, and worry a little, and strive to enjoy the benefits of local fathers and villagers Contribute to a full range of life and health services.


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