Huilai County promotes the creation of a civilized city in a solid and in-depth manner: cultivating a civilized fashion and improving the quality of the city

Since the beginning of this year, Huilai County has taken the cultivation and practice of socialist core values ​​as the starting point, comprehensively promoted the creation of provincial-level civilized cities, led the reform and development process of the county with the wind of civilization, and insisted on creating for the people, benefiting the people, and benefiting the people. Principles, in-depth development of mass spiritual civilization building activities, and practically cultivate civilization, improve the city's taste.


Pay attention to the creation of work and improve the level of civilization

The county attaches great importance to the creation of a civilized city and regards it as a major livelihood project. Taking the nine major actions to create spiritual civilization as the starting point, the county has mobilized the power of the whole county to rectify the stubborn diseases existing in the nine major fields, and carried out road traffic A series of activities such as order rectification actions, the creation of a civilized city, and the participation of all the people in the rectification actions, and the "Participate in Hui Civilization" in 2022, a series of activities such as 1,000 volunteer services in Huilai County into communities (villages), have effectively promoted the gradual improvement of the urban and rural environment and the gradual improvement of the level of urban civilization. , the people's sense of gain, happiness, and security have been further enhanced.



At the same time, the county fully integrates "beautiful towns" and "rural revitalization" to coordinate the promotion of civilized cities, civilized villages and towns, civilized units, civilized families, civilized campuses and other mass spiritual civilization creation activities; the theme of "our festival" is widely carried out Activities (see the picture above. Photo by Lin Weitong), "Guangdong Good People" and other moral model selection activities, and ideological and moral education and practice activities for minors, continue to promote the change of customs and habits, and form a civilized country style, good family style, and simple folk customs; combined with epidemic prevention and control To control the work, in the form of online and offline, widely carry out the "Beautiful Countryside" photography exhibition, the special online lantern riddle quiz event to welcome the Spring Festival civilization, "2022 · Endeavour · Online sacrifice to the martyrs", and study the spirit of the Sixth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Party. Talk about mass spiritual civilization construction activities such as touring exhibitions to better meet the growing spiritual and cultural needs of the people.

In terms of volunteer service work, since the beginning of this year, 11 county-level volunteer service teams in the county have regularly carried out various forms and rich content of civilized practice activities in various places every month; on March 11 this year, after an asymptomatic infection case occurred in the county , Huilai County Civilization Office organized volunteer service activities for epidemic prevention and control in the new era of civilized practice throughout the county. Joined the county's epidemic prevention and control work, contributed civilized and practical strength to Huilai epidemic prevention and control, and effectively built a fortress of epidemic prevention; since May, the county has continued to carry out the construction of a civilized city and the whole people participated in the rectification action, and the majority of volunteers actively participated in environmental sanitation cleanup, The publicity of laws and regulations and the development of voluntary services such as traffic civilized persuasion have once again set off a new wave of national participation in the creation of civilized cities.


Strengthen overall planning and implementation, create a good atmosphere

Focusing on the construction of a civilized city in the next stage, the county proposed that the construction of spiritual civilization and the creation of a civilized city should be regarded as the implementation of the spirit of the 13th Provincial Party Congress, and comprehensively promote the high-quality development of Huilai and catch up with the development for the people. The project, the project of benefiting the people, and the project of benefiting the people are closely integrated with the establishment of Meiwei Town, maintain a spirit of hard work, carry forward a truth-seeking and pragmatic work style, take the initiative to act, and fully deploy the work of the county party committee and county government. come true.



It is necessary to strengthen the linkage of departments, optimize the working methods, and make concerted efforts to fight the tough battle of key tasks. It is necessary to strengthen overall planning and implementation, take the rectification work for the creation of a civilized city into heart and hands, and form a work pattern of "main leaders personally, in charge of leaders jointly, and functional departments specifically", so as to truly know what to do and what to do Responsibilities; we must solidly benchmark the assessment standards, highlight key areas, key locations, and key links, focus on the four key points of medical care, education, farmers' markets, and industries, and do our best to do a good job in the three cleanups, three demolition and three rectifications, "three-line" governance, and garbage disposal. , domestic sewage treatment, and style improvement; it is necessary to increase the propaganda for the creation of civilized cities, widely publicize advanced models, successful experiences and excellent practices in the process of creation, coordinate various online and offline propaganda platforms, and make good use of various propaganda carriers. In a way that the masses like to hear and see, carry out three-dimensional, full-coverage publicity, create a strong atmosphere of creation, and drive more people to participate in the construction of spiritual civilization and the creation of a civilized city.


It is necessary to intensify supervision, pay close attention to the implementation of the work, check the lesions, dig the root of the disease, find the problem according to the evaluation standards, and prescribe the right medicine; it is necessary to spread the pressure and add assistance, and adhere to the principle of "who is in charge, who is responsible, who loses points and who takes responsibility" The accountability mechanism is to force the implementation of responsibilities; it is necessary to ditch the blocking points and establish highlights, summarize advanced experience and practices, select work models, strengthen the extraction of effective measures and highlights, encourage bold exploration at the grassroots level, and create a good atmosphere for innovation.


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