Huilai: chaoshan unique cultural customs and customs


Huilai is located in the coastal area of eastern Guangdong and the hinterland of Chaoshan Plain, with profound historical and cultural deposits. The ancient Chaoshan culture and the unique coastal culture blend with each other, forming huilai's unique cultural customs and customs, leaving behind numerous cultural relics.


At present, there are 11 provincial intangible cultural heritages, including huilai Nine Crocodile Dance, Crane Dance, Piaose and Jiao Festival.


Huilai Nine Crocodile Dance - Photo by Lin Zhenzhou


Tsurumai - Photo by Lin Zhenzhou


Gone with the Wind (Jinghai Landscape Screen) (left), Lion Dance (Stilt Tiger Lion) (top right), Throwing gong (bottom right) - Photo by Lin Zhenzhou


On November 24, 1946, the county held a dip festival every ten years.


Pastry Making Techniques (Longjiang Mung bean Cake Making Techniques) - Photo by Lin Zhenzhou


Cape oasis


"Long live our Great Motherland" (works by Huilai Beicompose)


Huilai bay inlay technology is leading the way. After the founding of the People's Republic of China, the government vigorously supported folk arts and crafts, bei compose technology has also been attached importance to, huicheng, Jinghai, Longjiang and other towns and villages have set up arts and crafts groups (societies). In 1959, in order to participate in the exhibition celebrating the 10th anniversary of the founding of new China, the craftsmen of Huicheng Art Factory specially created huilai's work "Long live our great Motherland", which can be regarded as a high-quality work. This work is now collected in The Chen Family Temple in Guangzhou. It was exhibited in the Chen Family Temple twice in 2016 and 2019 as a collection of treasures, attracting widespread attention from the society.


Huilai, there are unique chaoshan characteristics of rural folk activities -- camp master.



Rural folk Activities - Photo by Lin Zhenzhou


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