Huilai Folk Custom - Lantern Festival

In the Western Han Dynasty more than 2000 years ago, Emperor Gaozu liu Bang died, Empress Lu usurped the throne, after Zhou Bo, Chen Ping took advantage of Empress Lu's illness to put an end to the "Chaos of the Lu", liu Heng, the son of Liu Bang ascended the throne as emperor Han, the day is the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, Emperor Han Wen in order to celebrate with the people, they set the day as the Lantern Festival. Because Taoism believes in three official deities -- tianguan, ground officer and human officer, so the 15th day of the first month is tianguan in charge, called Shangyuan Festival, praying for the blessing of tianguan. In Chaoshan area, the Lantern Festival is also the Lantern Festival, the folk custom originated from Buddhism, began in the Eastern Han Dynasty, in the "Monk History" recorded: Buddha Sakyamuni subjugate group of demons on December 30 in the Western Buddhist calendar, that is, the 15th day of the first month of Our country, in order to commemorate the Buddha to surrender demons, this day needs to hold the Lantern Festival. In order to promote Buddhism, Emperor Mingdi of the Eastern Han Dynasty ordered all officials and civilians to hang lanterns on the Lantern Festival, which became a trend from then on. All the dynasties put up lanterns and enjoy lanterns as a great event. In the day there are hanging lanterns, lanterns swim, lion dance, guess riddles, eat soup balls and other activities, and its main content is the lamp, so it is also known as the Lantern Festival, according to a strong fun color, so we call it the Lantern Festival.


In Huilai, the Lantern Festival is also the valentine's Day. In the old customs yuanxiao, Huilai unmarried girls have to sit big dishes, that is, mustard, shake bamboo to get good behavior. Another folk song said: "Sit big dishes, sit someone love. Sit on the bamboo bush, sit on the right person. "Lantern Festival lantern drum, swim god game will be very much, at this moment, not married girl action is more free, often groups in groups to participate in activities, some bold will about sweetheart in the bamboo garden, vegetable meet, also some men will only watch the girl sitting vegetables, shake bamboo cong. The Ming Dynasty chaozhou drama "Chen Sanwu Niang" yuanxiao watch lanterns and promise love, are the reflection of such customs. For a long time, Yuanxiao became the valentine's Day for young men and girls to date. There is no Valentine's Day in China, but ancient poems say: "On the moon, willow heads, people about after dusk." It's yuanxiao season. These folk customs can still be seen in some contemporary rural areas. In the town, the Lantern Festival also has a lot of old customs and fashion activities, plus the introduction of foreign valentine's festival period more around the Lantern Festival, so the town men and women youth will also have dating romantic mood. Thus, Yuanxiao gradually had the custom of "Valentine's Day".


So what are the activities in Huilai Lantern Festival?


Xing Deng, the boy born in the previous year and marry the wife must be held in the first month of the year xing Ding ceremony. A boy is half a lamp, a wife half a lamp. Lotus lamps were hung up in the temples of the great ditou, and some were even made with lamp screens (making ancient people out of clay and cloth and gathering them together in a hall). In some places, it is divided into sugar, peanut, or sweet porridge, or big oil cake, or invite people to drink lei cha (that is, popcorn with tea, some also add sesame, no popcorn with dry rice tea); Some rural areas, but also do a banquet for relatives and friends.


See the bride. That is, on the second night of the Lantern Festival, a year to marry a daughter-in-law to dress up, stand beside the hall, accompanied by elders, let neighbors and relatives watch, and red paint on the table to put refreshments, entertain guests taste. The custom died out after the founding of new China.


Club. Refers to the temple, ancestral hall in front of the decoration of a variety of refined next products and potatoes, beans, sugar cane, as well as dedicated to the three livestock, as well as home collection of precious jade, calligraphy and painting, antiques, etc..


The God game. Will be carried out in the temple idol, swim god to the community of the custom of blessing. The formula of wandering god is: when the temple falls, the idol is carried down from the temple. After being scrubbed, it was placed on the hall for worship. After putting on shoulder gear, he went out around 9 a.m. Accompanied by gongs and drums, octave classes, banners. There are also small gong and drum classes around longjiang, played by teenagers. The good people set up a sacrifice in the street, called "three offerings". After visiting various clubs, he entered the temple around 7 p.m. First, the idol is secured, and eight strong men turn it upside down. At this time the firecrackers rang, shaking heaven and earth, smoke billowing, idol in the gunfire flying by the strong man to help up, quickly rushed into the temple. The ritual of wandering is over.


Entertain the gods. There are many kinds of art forms to entertain the gods: big gong and drum orchestra, flute set gong and drum troupe, flag marking team, tu Xia opera, puppet show, Chaozhou opera, Ying song and dance, buma dance, crocodile dance, ao fish dance, carp dance, lion dance, dragon dance, colorful land boat and so on. After the founding of New China, under the advocacy and guidance of the cultural department, most of them became separate forms of artistic performance. In recent years, these art forms have been mobilized to participate in the wandering god activities in some places.


Lantern races and riddles. Lantern race is the mass entertainment activities of yuan snack night. The clubs displayed ancient lantern screens for people to enjoy. Children played freely in the streets and lanes with toad lamps, carp lamps and drum lamps, adding to the festive atmosphere. Guessing riddles is a high grade activity for educated adults on the Lantern Festival. The riddles are brightly lit, the audience is crowded together, and the drums are beating. When the wonderful riddles are guessed, the audience cheers and the atmosphere is warm. In addition, there are swing activities in huilai urban and rural areas, the eastern suburbs of Huicheng, Beizha, Qianzhan Shijun village, Xixi Houshan village is more popular.


The Lantern Festival in Huilai is very lively. Welcome to Visit Huilai!