Huilai’s Five Products Help the Support Task Team in Rural Revitalization


A good natural environment always produces high quality products. As a famous hometown of overseas Chinese and one of foreign trading gateway of eastern Guangdong province, Huilai County in Jieyang is full of treasures. In order to help rural revitalization and promote digital economies in rural industries, led by CCPIT Guangdong Committee, the support task team of Jinghai Town of Huilai County has recently announced the launch of Huilai Five-Product Online Showroom. This online showroom will majorly promote the five featured agriculture products that made in Huilai county to the whole Chinese market and even the global markets.


Next, ITOE will continue to respond to the calling of building digital countryside of Guangdong province, and actively play the role of mobilizing resources to forge Huilai Five-Product Online Showroom into a benchmark of digital trading of featured agriculture products in Guangdong province and even the whole China.


“Rural revitalization is a great cause, and it is my great honor to be one of the first team members”, said by Cai Yile, leader of support task team of Jinghai Town of Huilai County, director of Exhibition Unit of CCPIT Guangdong Committee and first-level inspector. “We respond to the calls of China’s rural revitalization and Digital China strategies, our team has contributed wisdom and helps in rural investigation, we try to exploit local advantage and provide necessary resources, supportive policies to the development of rural areas, we want to use digital platform to develop regional agriculture industries into higher quality.


Huilai’s sea region is one of the main abalone producing areas in China, attributed to its excellent water quality and abundant algae within. “Dalian abalone of the north and Huilai abalone of the south” has long enjoyed a good reputation. “Since this year, the company has exported ten thousand catty of live abalone, with the help of the support task team, we expect to export to bigger overseas market”, introduced by the person in charge of Huilai Aquaculture Company. “Huilai agricultural products enterprises should be united together to grow bigger and stronger, if we can work together, we will seek out a better way to overseas markets.” He hopes that the online platform can promote Huilai and Huilai’s products to be known by more overseas buyers.



International Trade Online Expo (ITOE) is a digital trading platform that launched by CCPIT Guangdong Committee, available in both Chinese and English interfaces. ITOE has served more than 3,500 companies in a one and a half years since its launch, and accumulated over ten thousand overseas buyers from over 50 countries. ITOE helps domestic enterprises to implement brand promotion and marketing, matchmaking purchase demands from overseas buyers, executing double circulation strategy. In response to the strategic planning of CCPIT Guangdong committee, Huilai Five-Product Online Showroom was launched to promote international economic cooperation, forge brands and increase the sales volume of agriculture products that made in Huilai. Our agriculture products are not lack of product standardization channels, instead, we need channels that can provide higher added value to our products, expressed by Cai Yile, director of Exhibition Unit of CCPIT Guangdong Committee. ITOE will uphold “Brand Priority” strategy and build up Huilai Five-Product Online Showroom into a well-known, reliable platform, to assist Huilai’s agriculture products, enterprises and brands in market expansion, as well as overseas branding of Huilai’s five products.


As the wide spread of e-commerce and establishment of e-commerce industrial chain for agriculture products, further processing agriculture products will catch a golden era of development. In the future, International Trade Online Expo (ITOE) will follow the lead of CCPIT Guangdong Committee and collaborate with the government authorities and enterprises, to build up a global digital sales networks. ITOE will explore possible business strategy of overseas marketing for premium agricultural products that made in Guangdong, and achieve a new model of digital rural revitalization of common prosperity.