Jieyang city level intangible cultural heritage representative project list recommended project list

Huilai county has a long history dating back as far as the Qin and Han dynasties. Profound historical culture, thousands of years of cultural precipitation, formed huilai unique cultural history and Yang of the ancient folk customs, including JingBing, chaozhou music, song dialect, fisherman's song, and large gongs, aojiang dances, lion dances, dragon dance, the dance diverse areas such as culture, food culture, represented by long jiang "rice" long river pig feet but also all over the country.


At this point, xiaobo for you to send huilai County has been selected in the list of municipal representative inheritor of The Intangible Cultural Heritage project of Jieyang City (Huilai County) summary list, friends to see if there is no recognition!


In the follow-up, I would like to present the list of municipal Representative Intangible Cultural Heritage projects to you to see what cultural projects are there?