These 9 villages in Huilai are on the list!

In recent years, Rural Work Office, Agriculture and Rural Affairs Dept., Organization Dept., Propaganda Dept., Bureau of Civil Affairs Bureau, Justice Dept. of Guangdong Province, give play to the role of rural governance model demonstrative leading, jieyang city attaches great importance to rural governance "hundreds of thousands of town village" demonstration activities, mobilize, careful deployment, refining the real work created in the city plan, create activities in an all-round way.
At the same time, select towns and villages with certain foundation and development potential, and carry out self-evaluation and recommendation and report according to the standards created. After review and publicity, Jieyang Jiedong Putian Town, Jiedong Baita town, Puning City dam town, Jiexi County Nanshan town, Huilai County Qianzhan town won the "2020 provincial rural governance model township (town)" honorary title.