Five Huilai construction plays the strongest voice of 2021 Huilai high-quality development

The new city center of the eastern Guangdong city group, the strategic highland of waterfront characteristic industries, the hot spot for emerging investment... On February 5th, the 10th plenary meeting of the 13th Huilai County Committee of Jieyang City of the Communist Party of China opened. A number of refreshing keywords revealed the development vision of Huilai in 2021 to realize "starting again and starting again".
How will Huilai get off to a good start in the 14th Five-Year Plan period in 2021?Cai Danqun, Party Secretary of Huilai County, said: the focus should be on building the "five Huilai", namely development, culture, safety, beauty and red huilai, and comprehensively reflect the "five-in-one" overall layout of economic, political, cultural, social and ecological progress. To this end, Nanfang + sorted out one by one and looked into the new blueprint for huilai's high-quality development in the coming year.
Development benefits:
Access roads, improve the environment, cultivate high-quality development of hot land
4411 cubic meters of concrete, 50 tank trucks circulating delivery, 4 pump trucks dozens of hours of non-stop construction...... This is the scene of the construction of the Petrochina Project in Jieyang Binhai New Area.
CNPC Refinery Integration Project (Photo: Li Li)
In recent years, with the support and promotion of the province and the city, The development situation of Huilai is thriving and gradually becomes a "hot land" for investment. In 2020, Huilai received more than 80 batches of investigation by domestic and foreign enterprises, and attracted 34 major projects with a total planned investment of nearly 100 billion yuan. Shenquan Bay Cultural tourism resort project has attracted fierce competition from sunac, Poly, OCT, Kaisa and other large enterprises.
How to play a good game in 2021 with a good hand?
The answer is -- to create "development benefits"! Development is fundamental and the top priority. Huilai will focus on building a development engine, improving development conditions, optimizing development environment, accelerating energy accumulation, and striving to achieve high-quality development.
As a coastal county, Huilai has advantaged coastal resources and location advantages.
In 2021, Huilai will scientifically plan the planning and development of 111.53km coastline, and strive to build four characteristic industrial clusters of advanced manufacturing, modern service industry, cultural tourism and modern agriculture: Focus on serving the construction of PETROCHINA refining and chemical integration projects, support the Building of The Danhai Petrochemical Industrial Zone into a world-class green petrochemical industry base, and promote the building of lingang Industrial Park into a whole offshore wind power industry chain base and a cold chain logistics center.
Speed up the construction of high-speed railway new city and headquarters business, and build a platform for the development of modern service industry; Pay attention to the protection and activation of sea silk relics, develop high-end coastal tourism and characteristic tourism; Deepen the mode of "Internet Festival + Cloud Exhibition", promote the integration of primary, secondary and tertiary agricultural industries, and speed up the establishment of Guangdong digital agriculture demonstration county.
Traffic must precede the development of the area. In the New Year, Huilai will seize the opportunity to build a modern transportation system called "12312" and make efforts to complement the shortcomings of transportation infrastructure. Service shanyou shanyou high-speed railway construction, jie hui, launched the jie god avenue line, the south China sea avenue.
"a garden city, two" unicom engineering to speed up the national highway G238 puning border to paying HuiCheng period of construction, improve the county traffic backbone network, unimpeded traffic "nerve", speed up the formation of outreach eastern guangdong, a large bay area of guangdong, hercynian economic zone, The multi-level comprehensive transportation system of neichang county, town and park.
Let the traffic bonus turn into the bonus of economic development, among which the key is the opportunity to attract investment. In the plenary session of the work report, Huilai has always stressed the need to strengthen the "party B thinking". In 2021, Huilai proposed to actively build a new type of "friendly" and "clean" political and business relationship, "open the front door" to communicate with entrepreneurs, "put on the stage" to solve problems, and support the development of enterprises in an open and transparent manner in accordance with laws and regulations.
We should educate and guide the general public to strengthen their sense of ownership, establish the concept that "everyone is a business environment", and treat enterprises in a sincere and friendly manner. With the goal of "bringing benefits to, returning to and returning to China", the "Returning Home Campaign" has been launched to encourage people from overseas to "return home for study, employment and business development".
"Cultural Benefits" :
Raise spirit, conduct education, build civilized new city
As pointed out in the report of the Plenary session of Huilai, culture is the soul, and we should pay attention to the inheritance of civilization and cultural continuity, uphold the principle of educating people through culture, and provide ideological guarantee, spiritual motivation and intellectual support for promoting high-quality development.
Huiyuan Park (Photo: Fang Yinghui)
In 2021, Huilai will develop cultural undertakings and build a cultural Huilai by carrying forward the culture of the new era, excavating and upgrading traditional culture, promoting the revitalization and development of education and building a civilized city.
We will give full play to the role of practice centers of new era civilization, promote the introduction of the Party's innovative theories into ordinary people's homes, and promote core socialist values around the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the CPC.
Excavate the culture of the Red Revolution and the culture of reform and opening up, inherit and carry forward the spirit of the Dananshan revolution of Huilai people, which is characterized by "courage, justice and spirit" and "perseverance and enterprising, dare to win", successfully hold the Ocean (fishing) Tourism and Culture Festival, expand the connotation of "Eight New Scenes of Huilai" and "Ten traditional Snacks of Huilai", and promote the inheritance and innovation of traditional culture;
Give priority to the development of education, improve the basic education level of the county, meet the demand for high-quality education resources, guarantee the enrollment of students in Jieyang Campus of GUANGDONG University of Technology in September, and create a new highland for the development of Education in Huilai;
Seize the opportunity of being nominated as a civilized city in Guangdong province in 2021-2023, launch the three-year construction action, promote the construction of cultural and sports venues, improve the rural cultural service network, and constantly enhance the effectiveness of the construction of a civilized city.
"Ping An Hui Lai" :
Protect safety, protect people's livelihood, build harmonious, stable and happy land
In a city where people live and work in peace and contentment, safety is the bottom line and an important prerequisite and guarantee for a good start in the 14th Five-Year Plan.
In 2021, Huilai will promote the construction of rule of law in Huilai, and form a good situation of strict law enforcement, fair justice and law abiding by all. We will continue to strengthen comprehensive social governance, build on the momentum to promote the transformation of drug control work from "addressing the prominent drug problem" to "creating a model of drug control". We will carry out regular anti-mafia and evil activities, and maintain a high-handed crackdown on theft, telecom fraud and other illegal crimes. We will improve diverse mechanisms for preventing and resolving conflicts and disputes, strengthen oversight over food and drug safety, intensify efforts to control the use of land used in violation of laws, and speed up the rationalization of problematic real estate projects to promote the healthy development of the real estate market.
Kong Mei village with the drug cap off
People's livelihood has always been a concern of the people, reflecting a city's humanistic care and devotion to the people. The report on the work of huilai Plenary Session also laid out the following work arrangements:
In 2021, Huilai will build a solid defense line for people's livelihood, implement regular epidemic prevention and control, and ensure the stability of the county. We will focus on the weak links in the development of medical services, improve the construction of close-knit county hospitals, comprehensively improve the capacity and level of medical security, improve the social insurance pooling mechanism, improve the social security system that covers all areas, and complete the construction of water supply projects in the central and eastern regions to ensure water safety. We will take care of everything, and continue to build a higher level of peace and benefit.
"Meili Huilai" :
Beautiful urban and rural areas, ecological protection, to create livable and good scenery
Walking into Mingdong Village, Huilai County, the village is spotlessly clean under the sun, the streets and lanes are orderly, and the trees on both sides of the village road are lush. As far as the eye can see, the eyes are green, and the nose smells the fragrance of flowers... This moving rural picture is a silhouette of huilai county's construction of a beautiful village.
Spotless Ming East village road
In recent years, Huilai has carried out comprehensive improvement of rural living environment, and the beauty of ecology, countryside and life has become a beautiful name card of Huilai new countryside. In 2021, Huilai will continue to implement rural construction activities, comprehensively promote the "Demonstration of thousands of villages, renovation of thousands of villages" project, and fully complete the "rainwater and sewage diversion", roadway hard bottom, "four good rural roads" and other key work; At the same time, we will effectively link our achievements in poverty alleviation with rural revitalization, make every effort to enhance the collective economic development capacity at the village level, do a good job in cultivating high-quality farmers, and increase the internal impetus for farmers to find jobs and start their own businesses.
While the countryside is becoming more beautiful and richer, the cities are catching up. On the one hand, huilai will vigorously improve the quality of its urban areas. On the one hand, it will protect and upgrade the old urban areas, do a good job in the transformation and upgrading of the old urban areas, and accelerate the construction of the connecting project of leiling River system and the protection project of the county moat.
On the other hand, we should make good use of the "35 Provincial policies" to support and serve the comprehensive expansion and optimization of urban production, living and ecological space of eastern Guangdong New Town. Relying on the Jieyang Campus of Guangdong University of Technology, we should promote the planning and construction of Aotou Mountain theme park and build a new science and education city.
To improve the environment in both urban and rural areas, ecological protection is indispensable. In the work report of the plenary session, "ecological" and "green" are still the key words of Huilai's development. Adhering to the concept that lucidwaters and lush mountains are invaluable assets, Huilai proposes to implement the strictest ecological environment protection system, farmland protection system and land conservation system, and improve the system of Marine resources exploitation and protection and paid use. Improve sewage treatment capacity to ensure that sewage can be intercepted, collected and treated properly; We will coordinate efforts to improve the system of mountains, rivers, forests, farmland, lakes, grass and seas, develop high-quality wanlibi roads, and speed up the development of beautiful bays.
Red Huilai:
Emphasizing politics, fighting corruption and forging strong and powerful Party organizations
Trains run fast, all by the front. The plenary session report of Huilai pointed out that red must become the true character of huilai party members and cadres, give full play to the advantages of red, inherit the red gene, forge party organizations at all levels of the county more strong and powerful, and provide a solid political guarantee for the development of Huilai.
On the one hand, we need to take a clear-cut stand on politics and strengthen the Party's overall leadership. Always put the Political construction of the Party in the first place, strictly implement the provincial Party Committee and municipal Committee firmly implement the "two maintenance" system and mechanism, strengthen political capacity construction, constantly improve the political judgment, political understanding and political execution of party members and cadres, and constantly preserve the good political ecology of wind, clean and upright; We should strengthen the core leadership of Party organizations, build a solid and tightly knit organizational system that links all levels of the Party and is effectively implemented, and ensure that the Party fully plays its role in guiding economic and social development, planning for the overall situation, formulating policies, and promoting reform.
Great Nanshan Revolutionary Memorial Hall
On the other hand, to comprehensively boost the spirit of re-entrepreneurship. As a fine tradition of the old revolutionary base areas, paying to speak good story red, red inheritance gene, with five key building fukuda provincial "HongSe Village" and zhang Lin big revolutionary memorial hall for the base red tourism studies of nanshan base, education to guide the broad masses of party members and cadres firm ideal and faith, practice mission, his mind bear form for cadres, cadres to bear the good atmosphere of career.
Finally, we must persevere in improving our work style, strengthening discipline and combating corruption. We will work harder to improve Party conduct, clean government, and fight corruption. We will continue to clean up and restore the political environment. We will continue to tackle formalism and bureaucracy, and address prominent problems that undermine the business environment. We will intensify efforts to address malpractices and corruption that occur close to the people, strictly govern the conduct of government officials, improve the conduct of the Party, government, society, and the people, and ensure that integrity is maintained and political integrity is maintained.
Aojiang town mountain village party built cultural park
Start a new journey, set sail again. The year 2021 is the first year of the new journey of building a modern socialist country in an all-round way. It is also a key year for Huilai to achieve "strong foundation in the first two years and fast development in the next three years" during the 14th Five-year Plan period. Only with hard work can we achieve greatness.
Huilai will boost the spirit of re-starting and re-starting, fully implement the "eight key actions" of the Municipal Party Committee, ensure a good start of the "14th Five-year Plan", and strive to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China with practical actions and excellent achievements. For the construction of jieyang livable appropriate industry should be the vitality of ancient city, binhai new town, to create coastal economic belt of strong city from industry, for guangdong in all-round construction of socialism modernization country one of the leading enterprises in the national new journey paying contribution, create new brilliance!
Source: South + (Reporter: Tang Chusheng, Chen Tingting, Correspondent: Lin Chuming)